North to the Kermadec Islands

11 Day Itinerary

Ship: Spirit of Enderby (Professor Khromov)

Lonely outposts in the southwest pacific this isolated group of islands are the summits of huge undersea volcanoes situated along the western edge of the Kermadec trench, protruding above the ocean.

The Islands have an unique assemblage of subtropical and temperate species, testimony to the process of evolution arriving from climate and isolation. Both the plant and bird communities have been heavily modified by people who attempted to make a living from these islands, but a conservation programme is restoring the island, the goats and rats have been removed and many introduced plants controlled.

The marine ecosystem which is protected by an extensive Marine Reserve is unique in the world and offers amazing dive opportunities. Because of its location far from the main shipping routes it is one of the more difficult places in the world to get to. Our annual expedition provides an opportunity to explore the island and dive in the marine reserve.


Day 1  Embark Spirit of Enderby in the Port of Auckland and depart through the Hauraki Gulf.

Days 2 – 3  Time at sea with a series of lectures on the Kermadecs, chances for observations of birds and marine mammals to simply time to relax. L’Esperance is the first of the Kermadec Is group we will see then Curtis and Cheeseman.

Days 4 – 7  Four days are planned with time ashore or underwater depending on your activities. Possible walks include Boat Cove to Base, Green Lake Walk and Denham Bay Hut. The best diving is around Meyer Islands but we will also be exploring new sites in this subtropical marine reserve.

It will be possible for divers to go ashore for walks and likewise for walkers to go snorkeling. Flexibility and maximum use of time and resources are the key to the programme.

Day 8  Arrive off Macauley Island with zodiac cruising if conditions permit.

Days 9 -10  Enjoy life at sea before returning to every day life, recaps will allow all to share in the experiences that we had at the Kermadec Islands

Day 11  Arrive to the Port of Auckland, bid farewells and disembark.

Photograph by Pete Morris/Birdquest

White-faced Storm-Petrel is just one of many species of seabird that will be seen at sea.

Map courtesy of Heritage Expeditions


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