South and Mid-Atlantic Islands

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The Atlantic Odyssey
A wonderful opportunity to explore the Atlantic from Antarctica all the way up to such little-known islands as St Helena and Ascension...more

Oceanwide Expeditions Cruises

Atlantic Odyssey - Part 1 From Ushuaia to Ascension Island
The first part of this epic journey. It begins in Ushuaia and visits South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula before returning north to Ascension Island via Tristan de Cunha...more

Atlantic Odyssey - Part 2 From Ascension Island to the Cape Verdes
The second part of this epic journey begins in Ascension in the mid-Atlantic and continues on to Sal in the Cape Verde Islands...more
Atlantic Odyssey - From Ushuaia to Cape Town
An exciting new itinerary that first visits Antarctica and then sails acriss to Cape Town via the remote Tristan de Cunha and Gough Islands...more

Photograph courtesy of Oceanwide Expeditions

The sight of a breaching Humpback Whale always causes gasps of excitement from the appreciative audience on deck.

Photograph by Pete Morris/Birdquest

A superb Gentoo Penguin, seen on some of the voyages before heading north!


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