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It is hard to describe the Antarctic in just a few words. It is without doubt the most remote and pristine of all the continents. It harbours some of the most awesome scenery on our planet and is home to some of the most spectacular and tame wildlife to be found anywhere. Fortunately the incredibly harsh climate abates for a few short months, allowing the privileged to visit this awe-inspiring continent during the relatively warm Antarctic summer.

A departure from New Zealand or Australia not only allows one to visit the true Antarctic, but also allows a visit to the wildlife-rich subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia. These islands house some of the most amazing wildlife spectacles anywhere as well as holding some of the world's rarest and most threatened species of bird. For any connoisseur of Southern Ocean seabirds, this is a simply essential trip with an unrivalled selection of albatrosses and penguins. For the intrepid traveller, it is possible to venture in the footsteps of Scott and Shackleton, with a visit to the remote Ross Sea region, and here it is even possible to find the largest, but least often seen, penguin, the Emperor Penguin.

Besides the scenery and the spectacular blue-tinged icebergs, the Antarctic has a fabulous array of wildlife that captures the imagination of all. Huge whales may breach alongside the ship, several species of penguins amuse and delight, often in vast colonies, and abundant seabirds glide alongside the vessel. It really is a 'once in a lifetime' journey and one that cannot be too highly recommended.

In our opinion, the best way to see Antarctica is to join one of our group tours and travel with like-minded companions and our experienced leader. Our forthcoming group tours are listed below:

Ocean Adventures Group Tours

The Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand & Australia, 12 November - 3 December 2011
The Ultimate 'Down Under' birding expedition with the added benefit of an Ocean Adventures leader accompanying the group ...more

The Western Pacific Odyssey, 17 April - 20 May 2011
An amazing cruise from New Zealand to Japan. Full details will be published here in due course, but until then, and to get a flavour of the cruise, click the link above to see details on our Birdquest website.


Cruises for Individuals

Whilst we thoroughly recommend anyone to join one of our Ocean Adventures group tours, we do realize that the dates and itineraries that we offer do not suit everyone's plans. For this reason we have teamed up with some of the most experienced and respected operators in the business, bringing a great choice in dates and itineraries. For a full list of dates and itineraries, please visit the operator's own websites (see below). So why should you book with Ocean Adventures? It's simple really. We offer competitive prices (often cheaper than booking through the operator directly), and offer full ATOL financial protection for any individual that books a flight and cruise package through us. It's also often much easier to deal with and communicate with an experienced UK based tour operator. If any of the cruises listed on the links below appeal to you, please email us or call us and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote in Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars.


Heritage Expeditions

Heritage Expeditions are a very experienced operator based in New Zealand who we have worked successfully with for many years now, operating many of our group tours through them. They offer the most extensive repertoire of cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula from Australia, as well as cruises to the Subantarctic Islands and southwest Pacific. Click here to view their full programme. If you find a cruise that tempts you, please don't forget to email or call us for a competitive quote for your holiday.

Quark Expeditions
Quark Expeditions are one of the major names in Antarctic Expedition cruising, offering a number of departures that operate through the Australasian side of the continent. We have worked with Quark for many years, operating many of our group tours through them. Click here to view their full programme. If you find a cruise that tempts you, please don't forget to email or call us for a competitive quote for your holiday.

Photograph Pete Morris/Birdquest

A pair of Royal Penguins on Macquarie Island - the only place in the world where this fabulous species breeds.

Photograph courtesy of Quark Expeditions

A snapshot of some of the awesome scenery to be found at Cape Hallet in the Ross Sea.



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